What is missing that will help Save our Democracy?


We have Passion about so many things? Sports, Shopping, Work, Dancing, Partying, Vacations, Movies, Getting Together with friends or family!

So why don’t we have Passion about Saving our Democracy?

Some people think it isn’t worth the effort to VOTE–that one vote won’t make a difference! Others are intimidated!

Do you think it is worth it?

Well, I do–especially in 2020! Why? Because if we don’t Vote, we may never have the right to vote, or do so many things that we have become accustomed to doing.

Our rights are on the Ballot, friends. Throughout the last 50 years or so, we have all been dulled by programming that was intended to do just that! Dumb people down. Make actions by the People not important. We’ve been fed the idea that everything will go on just as it always has before.

Well, it’s time to WAKE UP!

Our lives have changed so abruptly, so sharply in the last 10 years that America is hardly recognizable as the safe land where our dreams can come true. Where we are free to speak out, worship, play, work, protest, have a free press, you name it.

It has changed right in front of our eyes, but so many people are blind to the change. Or we’ve been sold a lie that the other side is trying to take away our rights, or any number of falsehoods that just don’t make sense.

Let’s open our eyes! All together now! Not divided, but together.

We must vote–together! I’m not telling you who to vote for, or what to vote for. But exercise your freedom to do so.

Sharon R.

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